The Eurasian Respiratory and Allergy Summit is an activity linking the two Europes

Florin Dumitru Mihălțan

The Euroasian Respiratory and Allergy Summit took place between September 6-9, 2018, in Kiev, being the third consecutive annual event, the last year being held in Turkey and Montenegro. Organized by the ERA Consortium, this manifestation has among its objectives the interdisciplinar-ity created on three areas of daily medical activities: pul-monary and respiratory diseases, otorhinolaryngology and pediatrics. Perhaps this led to the peculiarities of expres-sion of those who presented papers and have have focused, according to the toponomy of the respective sessions, on themes anchored in the practical realities of their countries. At this congress, the organizers kept their word, amongst the participants predominating pneumologists, allergolo-gists and ENT specialists. Sixteen countries and more than 400 participants typically define a small congress. However, the quality of the papers was at an international level, and each speaker tried to give his/‌her best on the subject that he/she had fathomed in practice. The bronchial asthma was the preferred subject of the organizers. Presentations such as: “From Food to Allergy Asthma” (Mahir İğde), “Asthma Challenges in the Treatment of Asthma in Teens and Young People” (Branisleva Milenkovic), “United Airway Disease” (Asım Kaytaz) or “A Review of the Diagnosis of Allergy and Treatment” (Didem Yalçın) were some of the presentations enjoyed by the participants.

Another chapter generously approached at this congress was the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, where the quality of the speakers put an imprint on presentations such as: “New Diagnostic Criteria for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis” (Demosthene Bouros), “Progress in IPF” (Argyrios Tzouvelekis), “Treatments in Progress in IPF” (Yaroslav Dzyublyk), etc. The COPD approaches did not lack either, with presentations about: “What is new in the diagnosis and treatment of COPD” (Perlat Kapisyzi), “Altitude and COPD” (Talant Sooranbaev), “Management and Prevention of the Exacerbations of COPD” (Ali Zamin Sadıgov), etc.

Among other important issues that were approached during this event, I would like to mention: the tobacco discussion panel, with topics such as “Heated tobacco – a new lie” (Florin Mihălţan), “Nicotine and degrading nico-tine deficiency of bacteria” (Kamal Maurice Hanna); som-nology, with presentations related to “Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Heart Failure” (Florin Mihălţan), “News in Surgical Treatment of Apnea Syndrome” (Mustafa Gerek), and “Important Points in Surgical Treatment of Apnea

Syndrome” (Dieieva Y et al.). Among other topics that I noticed, worth mentioning here are: “Antibiotic Resistance of Nosocomial Infections – Which Are The Risk Factors for Multi-Disease Resistance of Pathogens?” (Ali Zamin Sadivov), “The Overlap Asthma – BPOC” (Pınar Yıldız), “Interventional Bronchology” (Turhan Ece), etc.

Running at a time when the Turkish lira collapsed, the organizers mobilized by dr. Bulent Tutuoglu managed to cope with the challenges posed by the financial crisis and maintained an international level of participation. On the other hand, Kiev, the capital of a country that still has the visible wounds of an ongoing war, has been a challenge for organizers, which they have also dealt well with. Once again, the initiators demonstrated that the bridge between the two Europes – Western and Central and the Eastern one – is functional and deserves to be maintained and extended by other future events.


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