IN MEMORIAM - Prof. Dr. Emilia Crișan

in memoriam

Prof. Dr. Emilia Crișan – Ph.D, beloved daughter, wife, mother and grandmother – passed away.

Our colleague Emilia Crișan was born in Bucharest on 7.01.1956. She went through all the ascension steps in life: she attended the courses of “Gheorghe Șincai” High School in Bucharest, the Faculty of General Medicine of Bucharest during the period 1975-1981, the internship and residency in several hospitals of Bucharest, and in this period she had the first contact with the “Marius Nasta” Pneumophtisiology Institute as secondary physician.

During the period 1984 -1988 she worked as general practitioner in the rural clinic from Todirești.

Since May 1988, she filled by competition the position of researcher in the institute. Her professional life was dedicated to the “Marius Nasta” Pneumophtisiology Institute and, exceptionally, to the Bronchology Department: here she acted initially as a member of the research team, and later, since 1997, she ran this depart-ment with devotion and excellent professionalism.

She went through all the stages of professional ascen-sion, from third degree researcher in 1995, primary physi-cian in 1997, second degree scientific researcher in 1998, first degree researcher since 2005 and physician coordina-tor of the Bronchology Department of the “Marius Nasta” Pneumophtisiology Institute Bucharest since 1997. In 2004 she obtained the title of Doctor in Medicine with the work “Contribution of bronchial endoscopy techniques to the coverage of diagnosis, staging and post-therapeutic follow-up of pulmonary cancer”.

The medical activity was blended with devotion and generosity, with the activity of member in the Romanian Pneumology Society (SRP), being the first president of Bronchology Section, newly founded in 2002 in SRP, the president of the National Bronchology Conferences, and later, since 2006, a member of the Committee of the Romanian Pneumology Society. She had a complex par-ticipation in national and international congresses, in the organization of national congresses, dedicating time both to teaching activities and self-improvement, participating in specialized courses abroad and promoting the medical techniques of interventional bronchoscopy for the first time in Romania – in 2003, Emilia Crișan mounted the first endobronchial stent in the institute!

Since 2006, she was appointed Medical Director of the “Marius Nasta” Pneumophtisiology Institute, standing out by her immense work so that the activity of this national forum should be carried out in good conditions. From 16.09.2008, when she obtained the title of Associate Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, she found the necessary time to guide the activi-ties of students, junior doctors and doctoral students.

The woman Emilia Crișan was a unique personality of the Romanian Bronchology, pioneer in the modern techniques of bronchological investigation, a very good professional, founder of the Bronchology School in Romania, tireless and exceptionally gifted and educated.

Emilia Crișan dedicated 30 years of her life to the activities of the “Marius Nasta” Pneumophtisiology Institute, and thus contributed in a unique manner to the progress of this national diagnosis and treatment center, with a vocation for training new specialists.

She was a symbol of professional devotion.

A personality of Romanian bronchological world, an excellent colleague, trainer and creator of the Romanian Bronchology School passed away in eternity. A unique friend, a dedicated woman as few people were and will be in this world. And, above all, mother, wife and grand-mother for whom the whole reason of being started and ended with the foundation of FAMILY. A large, complex, beautiful, devoted family. A family gathered around Emilia, from little ones to the grown-ups, always, since she gave birth and raised each and every one of them. This unique family was always gathered around Emilia – as she liked and wanted in every moment!

The Crișan Family was there for her in this very dif-ficult year, when she passed away and went to God.

Those who knew her will never forget her – her opti-mism, warm smile and wise words by which she welcomed them. She will be regretted by all those who knew her and appreciated her work, generosity and kindness.


May she rest in peace!

Emilia, we will always have you in our hearts, you will live eternally through everything you built day by day!

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