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Pneumologia Vol. 66 Nr. 3

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Panta Rhei: Medicine 2.0

Radu Crișan-Dabija, Antigona Carmen Trofor

A pillar of philosophy attributed to the ancient scholar Heraclitus of Efes, the Latin expression “panta rhei – everything flows”, doesn’t just reaf-firm the fluids, obvious propriety but abstractly synthesizes the fact that, despite any intervention, from the inert matter into living things, everything transforms with the flow of time and does not return to the initial state.



Respiratory muscle training in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Gabriela Jimborean, Edith Simona Ianoși, Alina Croitoru, Simona Szasz, Paraschiva Postolache

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common disease which manifests by progressive airflow limitation determined by airway changes induced by nox-ious particles (cigarette smoke, gases)(1).

Original papers: 

Tobacco use, exposure to secondhand smoke, and smoking cessation counselling among medical students from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Târgu-Mureș – baseline data of the first Smoke-Free Medical University Project

Zoltán Preg , Edith Simona Ianoși, Enikő Nemes-Nagy, Mihály Imre László, Zita Fazakas, Márta Germán-Salló, Dalma Bálint-Szentendrey, Zoltán Ábrám, Péter Balázs, Kristie L. Foley, Pál István Kikeli

Tobacco use is an important health problem around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) esti-mates globally over one billion people currently smoke tobacco, with approximately five million deaths per year attributable to tobacco use(1).

Obstructive sleep apnea – a new tobacco-related disease?

Mihaela Trenchea , Agripina Rașcu , Maria Șuță , Oana-Cristina Arghir

Sleep is essential to life. Occupying nearly one-third of an adult’s life, it has a considerable impact on the quality of life. Changes in the quality of sleep and reduc-tion of the number of hours of sleep throughout lifetime are more and more frequent in modern society and are accompanied by negative systemic effects.

Serum level of GDF-15 in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Laura-Georgiana Moise, Daciana-Silvia Marta, Ioan-Ștefan Clapon, Elena Moldoveanu

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is the most common sleep-disordered breathing, highly preva-lent among the male population, inducing intermittent hypoxia and sleep fragmentation due to repeated epi-sodes of apnea and hypopnea(1).

Clinical cases: 

Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes in adolescents

Svetlana Sciuca, Andrian Chiriac, Serghei Covanțev, Xenia Bondareva, Ludmila Balanețchi

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is one of the most common life-threatening autosomal recessive diseases in developed countries. The incidence of CF varies greatly in different geographical regions and in Europe is accounted for 1 in 2000-3000 newborns. About one in 25 people in Europe is a carrier(1,2) .

Airway stenting for advanced lung cancer with central airway obstruction – a case report

Mărioara Simon, Antonia Haranguș, Ioan Sergiu, Ioan Simon

Advanced lung cancer can cause a severe worsening of the quality of life due to CAO. This can lead to respira-tory failure, through an extrinsic compression, exo-phytic endoluminal obstruction or through a combined mechanism.

The importance of laboratory testing to confirm hereditary thrombophilia and for prophylaxis of thrombotic episodes

Gabriela Jimborean, Paraschiva Postolache, Alpar Csipor, Edith Simona Ianoși

The three major causes of thrombosis, described by the german pathologist Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902), consist in Virchow’ triad: blood hypercoagulability, vas-cular endothelial injury, and stasis or turbulence of the blood flow.

Letters to the editor: 

Off-label use of nebulized corticosteroids in pediatric practice

Valentina Daniela Comănici, Iustina Violeta Stan, Mihai Craiu

Nebulized medication is very popular among Romanian parents and doctors in the last years. Many parents used as treatment for their children, at least once, wet-nebulized medication, in various settings.

News, chronicles, reviews: 

A Romanian premiere in Florence

“The World Congress is a celebration of this comingtogether. It’s about the legacy of bronchology, interventional thoracic procedures and patient management.” 
Henri Colt, MD, FCCP, FAWM Chairman of WABIP 

Ruxandra Ulmeanu, Mărioara Șimon, Ariadna Petronela Fildan

Taking into account that lung transplant is a compli-cated and complex procedure, both from a medical and a financial point of view, for the Romanian patients, for more than 10 years, this procedure has been performed at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus (AKH) Hospital in Vienna.

RSP Activity: 

A new orientation of the Romanian Society of Pneumology – “Days of exchanges with the Eastern European countries”

Florin Mihălțan, Roxana Nemeș

Between 9-11 June 2017, Prague hosted the 2nd confer-ence “Journee d’ Echanges avec les Pays de l’ EST” organ-ised by Association des Pneumologues des Pays de l’EST du Nord Pas de Calais (ASPEN).

Second National Conference on Interstitial Lung Diseases

Irina Strâmbu

The Working Group for Interstitial Lung Diseases and Sarcoidosis of the Romanian Society of Pneumology organized its second national conference in Bucharest, excellently hosted by the Ramada Park complex.