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Pneumologia Vol. 66 Nr. 4

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A brief incursion into bronchiectasis – COPD overlap literature

Ancuța Alina Constantin1,2, Anca Macri1, Florin Dumitru Mihălțan

Bronchiectasis (BE) and chronic obstructive pulmo-nary disease (COPD) are highly prevalent inflammatory airway diseases, which raised interest both separately and taken together. Although mentioned for the first time by Barker in 2002(1), the overlap of these two condi-tions was a neglected area of research, not covered by guidelines for clinical practice.

Up-to-date with diagnostic tools in tuberculous pleurisy – a narrative review

Adelina Petria Creangă , Dragoș Cosmin Zaharia, Ștefan Dumitrache- Rujinski, Alexandru Andrei Muntean, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

Tuberculous pleurisy is the most common cause of pleural disease, and in many countries represents the main form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis(1,2,3). Isolated in 1882 by Robert Koch, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (the Koch bacillus) is the pathogen involved in the develop-ment of the infection and is part of the Mycobacteriaceae family.

Endoscopic methods for early diagnosis of bronchopulmonary neoplasm

Camelia Bădescu, Ruxandra Ulmeanu

Bronchopulmonary cancer is the leading cause of neoplasia death worldwide(15), mainly due to the aggres-sive nature of this disease, but also to the late stage at the time of initial diagnosis. Despite the advances made during the last decade in both the diagnosis and the individualized treatment of this disease, the 5-year sur-vival (for all stages of lung neoplasm) is only 17%(17).

Alveolar hemorrhage syndrome – causes and diagnostic methods

Gina Ciolan, Elena Magheran, Vasile Grigorie, Camelia Bădescu, Cristina Teleaga

The alveolar haemorrhage syndrome is an acute condition, which requires diagnosis and rapid and efficient treatment for the multiple clinical manifestations (dysp-noea, coughing up blood, auscultation of bilateral basal crepitant and subcrepitant rales) and the paraclinical changes such as anaemia, hypoxemia with suggestive nor-mocapnia for hypoxemic respiratory failure and diffuse lung infiltrates(1).

Original papers: 

Physiopathological aspects related to systemic inflammatory syndrome and leptin in obstructive pulmonary diseases

Adina Țurcanu, Traian Mihăescu, Elena Cojocaru

From an anatomical point of view, bronchiectasis are defined from an anatomical point of view as irreversible and abnormal dilations of various calibres in the bron-chial lumens, being located exclusively in a pulmonary lobe/segment or diffusely.

Clinical cases: 

Electrical alternans in a cardiac tamponade – the first sign of tuberculosis

Nicolae Dan Tesloianu , Andreea- Maria Ursaru, Anda Tesloianu

Tuberculosis (TB) can involve any organ, lungs being the most common. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) is the term used to describe the occurrence of TB at body sites other than the lungs. It commonly involves lymph nodes, pleura, gastrointestinal tract, bone, central nerv-ous system, or genitourinary system.

Unusual presentation of massive intrathoracic schwannoma with concomittant pleural tuberculosis – case presentation and review of literature

Razafimanjato Narindra Njarasoa Mihaja, Ravoatrarilandy M, Hunald FA, Rajaonera TA, Rakotovao HJL

A 49-year-old male with no significant clinical history presented to the emergency department with a one-month history of productive cough with white sputum, haemop-tysis and unexplained weight loss, associated with progres-sive shortness of breath on exertion, which had persisted despite courses of co-amoxiclav.

Letters to the editor: 

Exhaled nitric oxide – the point of view of the pediatrician

Radu Diaconu, Cătălina Bică, Florentina Dumitrescu, Dalia Dop, Ligia Stănescu, Loredana Șelaru

Nitric oxide (nitrogen monoxide) is a chemical compound that was already discovered at the end of the eighth century. Sir Humphry Davy noticed for the first time some special qualities of the molecule – especially its “laughing”(1) charac-teristic, but systematic research on it produced results only in the 20th century.

News, chronicles, reviews: 

Update on ATS news in pneumology for 2016

Every year, the ATS Congress has an important moment for participants: 4 days of “Clinical Year in Review”, when opinion leaders are presenting the most challenging and actual scientific information about dif-ferent topics published in the previous year.

The Biennial of Quebec – a revival of Francophone pneumology

The 2nd Biennial of the “French Speaking Space” in the respiration field brought together specialists from more than 25 countries. Nearly 1000 respiratory health profes-sionals from more than 25 French-speaking countries came at the Québec City Convention Center, from October 12th to October 14th, 2017, for the 2nd Biennale of the French Speaking Space in Respirology. On the specific theme of “Personalized medicine”, pulmonologists, radi-ologists, researchers and health professionals presented their latest research findings to improve the health of patients with chronic lung diseases.

A new title in the Romanian medical literature: Preoperative medical preparation of patients with respiratory diseases

The book, published in October 2017, and edited by Anca Macri, MD, is one of the exceptional successes of one of the most prestigious publishing houses in the medical field - the “Carol Davila” University Publishing House.

RSP Activity: 

Sinaia 2017 – a new knowledge update during the conference of the somnology and non-invasive ventilation section

Florin Mihălțan, Oana Deleanu

Over 600 physicians and nurses answered the call of the somnology section of the Romanian Society of Pneumology during the conference of the somnology section wich took place November 8-11, 2017 in Sinaia. The conference had the motto “Sleep tight, breathe right”. It was the 7th somnology conference and the 2nd non-invasive ventilation conference.

The Tabacology Conference reconfirms the progress of the anti-smoking fight in Romania

Florin Mihălțan

The seventh Tabacology Conference of the Tabacology Section of the Romanian Society of Pneumology (RSP) in collaboration with the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) and the postgraduate national course on the theme “Thoracic ultrasound - a non-invasive means of investigating the thoracic pleuro-pulmonary pathology and of guiding procedures” took place between 28-30 September 2017 in Târgu‑Mureș.