Sinaia 2017 – a new knowledge update during the conference of the somnology and non-invasive ventilation section


Florin Mihălțan, Oana Deleanu

Over 600 physicians and nurses answered the call of the somnology section of the Romanian Society of Pneumology during the conference of the somnology section wich took place November 8-11, 2017 in Sinaia. The conference had the motto “Sleep tight, breathe right”. It was the 7th somnology conference and the 2nd non-invasive ventilation conference.

The conference brought together over 70 opinion leaders from Romania and 20 opinion leaders from abroad who attempted to perform an update of knowl-edge related to the progress of international and Romanian somnology.

The opening ceremony consisted from a review and a pertinent analysis of progresses made on strategies and policies of the somnology section and of the nonin-vasive ventilation section, performed by Dr. Oana Deleanu, followed by the release of a new somnology book: “Respiratory Disorders During Sleep – Diagnostic And Treatment Guide” on the landscape of specialty publications. The first day was marked by various train-ing courses. Among these the following are worth men-tioning: “How to adapt the ventilation modes to the needs of our patient”, which included aspects associated with “News in non-invasive ventilation technique”, “How we choose the best ventilation mode for our patient”, “Why secretion management is so important for NIV - how to use Cough Assist” or those related to services borderline with AIT such as: “Non-invasive mechanic ventilation and the perioperative period”, “Indications for non-invasive ventilation in the critical patient in intensive therapy”, and “The ventilator-dependent patient: epidemiology”.

Simultaneously, polygraph and polysomnography courses took place in other two rooms, and their basic subject was: “Why is sleep so important?”. During the following days rehabilitation courses were also inter-mingled; these rouse especially the interest of young participants.


The next 3 days were full. Every day started with the so-called “break fest session”, an absolute premiere in such conferences of the Romanian Society of Pneumology, during which extremely various themes were outlined and approached, from: “Non-invasive ventilation at home” (Joao Winck – Portugal), “How to organize a som-nology lab” (Fayssal El Husseini – France) to “How to write an article” (Erna Sif Arnardottir – Iceland). Another premiere for such conference type was including “Key Notes Speakers” such as: “News in lung fibrosis” (Florin Mihălțan), “Bronchodilator treatment in COPD. What is the position of the “escalation” and “de-escalation” vision?” (Ruxandra Ulmeanu), “Tagging patients with sleep apnea syndrome (SAS): Therapeutic significance” (Soren Berg), etc.

In fact, this conference had many openings towards new structural experiments for such a meeting. University students also participated in a special ses-sion. There was a round table with family doctors from the “RESPIRO” group on the topic: “Somnology in pri-mary medicine” with the sub-topic: “The role of the family doctor in diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)”. There also was an analysis of “Somnology in Eastern Europe” which consisted of papers presented by delegations from Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, and also new perspectives offered by the pneumology circle and the 9Q working group.

Another chapter opened on this occasion was that of common topics with other associations and specialties. We mention symposiums such as: “From genes to nutrition” with contributions from neurologists (Floriana Boghez, Cristian Falup-Pecurariu), geneticists (Vasilica Plăiașu), nutritionists (Mirela Pelin), the pediatric somnology sym-posiums: “Sleep in children” (Doina Pleșca, Mihaela Oros, Raluca Teleanu), “The point of view of the cardiologist” (Natalia Pătrașcu, Miruna Micheu, Roxana Pleavă, etc.), of the anesthesiologist (Radu Stoica, Dan Corneci), of the dentists and ENT specialists (George Mincu, Dragoș Ștefănescu, Teodor Trăistaru) or the symposium of the young female specialists in somnology.

Many interesting topics were approached during the 3 days, and the rooms were always full wherever there were obvious challenges for practitioners. Although it is diffi-cult to choose from the deluge of offers it is worth men-tioning symposium titles such as: “Let’s talk about the main pathologies”, “Let’s switch from NIV to somnology”, “Let’s see how we can perform NIV”, “Challenges in sleep pathology”, “Limitations in OSAS”, etc. In the last day of the conference there was also a session for the nurses, and sessions of clinical cases were also present.

The contribution of medical device companies was significant: within each symposium companies present-ed their news; the presentations performed by pharma-ceutical companies completed the image of a successful conference.

With this conference the organizers managed to mark the progresses made by the Romanian somnology, and the massive presence of professors and recognized opin-ion leaders from abroad proved once again the increasing value of the Romanian somnology school.

ERRATUM: The author of the article A new orientation of the Romanian Society of Pneumology – “Days of exchanges with the Eastern European countries” (O nouă deschidere a SRP –”Zilele schim-burilor cu țările estice”) published in Pneumologia Vol. 66 nr.3/2017 is only Prof. dr. Florin Mihălțan, from the “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pneumophtisiology, Bucharest, E-mail: mihaltan@starnets.ro

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