The Tabacology Conference reconfirms the progress of the anti-smoking fight in Romania


Florin Mihălțan

The seventh Tabacology Conference of the Tabacology Section of the Romanian Society of Pneumology (RSP) in collaboration with the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) and the postgraduate national course on the theme “Thoracic ultrasound - a non-invasive means of investigating the thoracic pleuro-pulmonary pathology and of guiding procedures” took place between 28-30 September 2017 in Târgu‑Mureș.

The conference began with a joint symposium of the taba-cology section with ENSP titled “The Impact of Legislative

Measures in Preventing and Reducing Tobacco Consumption” which sanctioned the progress of the smoke-free front in our country. With the support of European leaders in the field, such as Francisco Rodriguez Lozano and Cornel Radu Loghin, the symposium reviewed the evolution of tobac-co control in Romania – Practices and perspectives. It was an important moment which consecrated the achievements of the anti-smoking activities in Romania, supported by presen-tations such as: “Evolution of tobacco control - Romanian practices and perspectives” - Florin Mihălţan, “Spanish Experience in the Adoption of Tobacco Control Laws” - Francisco Rodriguez Lozano , ENSP, “How ENSP is involved at European and local level to support and adopt new anti-smoking legal measures” - Cornel Radu Loghin (ENSP).

Presentations followed, addressing important topics as: “Public Health Policies - Reflection of a Prosperous Future” - Eugenia Cristea, “From Clinical Practice to Legislation in Preventing the Consequences of Passive Smoking in the Population” - Doina Adina Todea, or reflecting the impor-tance of guideline-realization-type approaches, when think ing about the speech: “The Importance of Anti-Smoking Guides in Clinical Practice - The Grefa Guide Story” (Antigona Trofor et al.).

The next session was just as interesting as it reviewed the “Medical and Socio-Economic Consequences of Tobacco Use”. The problematic has been progressively dissected start-ing from: “The most common type of cancer in Romania: Bronho-pulmonary cancer - where are we and where should we be?” - Ruxandra Ulmeanu et al., passing through anti-smoking projects such as: “The 2035 No Smoking Generation” - Ramona Brad, “Today I Do Not Smoke” - Eldad Association, and going to the reports of verified policies such as “Smoking at Work - Benefits and Ethical Issues” )Florin Mihălțan, Valentin Coșei).

A separate chapter was an in-depth analysis of some aspects of anti-smoking medication and strategies. Here the following topics were highlighted: “New Nicotine Products: Between Fake-News and True-News” - Magdalena Ciobanu, “The Socio-Economic Implications of Active Smoking” - Corina Mărginean et al. or “Economic implications of passive smoking and third hand smoking” - Ioana Munteanu.

The multidisciplinary approach of the consequences of tobacco use” was the theme with which the first day of this conference ended. In this selection of presentations the rela-tionships with some diseases were followed. Thus, we talked about: “Smoking - risk factor for asthma” - Gabriela Jimborean, Edith Simona Ianoși, “The Impact of Smoking on Children” - Cristina Oana Mărgineanu et al. and “Comparative analysis of pathophysiological mechanisms and morphopathological lesions in the smoker patient” - Ovidiu Cotoi. The second part

addressed epidemiological aspects or those actually anchored in reality and faced by practitioners. Interesting were the reviews of: “The prevalence of smoking in pregnant women” - Ovidiu Grama et al., of “The approaches of the smoker’s patient from the point of view of the anesthetist and intensive care physician” - Bianca Liana Grigorescu, Raluca Ștefania Fodor, of “The evolution of tobacco addiction among the students of UMF Târgu‑Mureș in the 2015-2016 period”- Kikely Pál István, László Mihály Imre, and of “The correlation between lung function, exhaled carbon monoxide level and lung age in smok-ers versus ex-smokers with COPD” – Larisa Moldovan et al.

The second day of the conference was just as interesting. The topic of “Tobacco addiction - Particularities and Risks” did not escape from the participants’ analysis of the inter-relationship between: “Smoking and Heart Failure” -  Attila Friggy, “Cardiac Comorbidies in Patients with COPD” - Lavinia Davidescu, Bhavish Pothegadoo, “Prevalence of cardiac comorbidities in smokers and ex-smokers in severe or terminal stage of COPD” – Lavinia Davidescu, Bhavish Pothegadoo, etc. There were also areas less often covered by anti-smoking combat specialists, such as: “Healthy Smokers and the Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease: The Utility of Assessment of Left Ventricular Function and Metabolic Status” - Ovidiu Rusalin Petriș et al., “Pathology of Sleep in Children exposed to passive smoking” - Mihaela Oros, “How much cigarette smoke does COPD have?” – Monica Pop, Ana Chiș, “Pulmonary reha-bilitation in the smoker respiratory patient: YES or NO?” - Paraschiva Postolache, Gabriela Jimborean and how “Withdrawal Influences Prognosis in lung cancer” - Ruxandra Râjnoveanu, Andrada Tecsi, Monica Pop.

At the end of this last day of the event an overview and in detail look was made on “The treatment of tobacco dependence: its particularities”. Thus, they were described: “Aspects of smoking, alcohol and drugs consump-tion in school students and students from Târgu‑Mureș in the 2015-2016 period” - Edith S. Ianoși et al., “Neurobiological Mechanism of Nicotine Addiction” - Adriana Mihai, Daniela Cîmpan, “Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches in Quitting Smoking” – Andrada Todea, “Drug treatment of tobacco addiction” – Corina Mărginean et al., “Standard Interventions in the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence” – Corina Eugenia Budin et al., “Electronic cigarette: treatment or initiation of smoking” – Ioana Munteanu and “Treatment of nicotine dependence in adolescents” – Monica Marc, Voicu Tudorache.

As every time this manifestation of the tabacology sec-tion of the Romanian Society of Pneumology has taken place, this year’s offer of news in the field was generous and the reports related to the progress in the fight for the smoking control at international and local level were useful . Although the members of the heart of this section are not as numerous as we want, their work is seen in the real progress made on this plan, repositioning Romania at the place it deserves on the world and on the European map, through the new image created by position 7 on “Tobacco Scale” and in the top 10 “green” countries.

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